Aging demographics will mean less creative destruction, fewer startups, misallocation, and increased pressure on political and social institutions.
Meta's reinstatement of Trump's accounts show the power of self-regulatory organizations.
Context to my recent Boston Review piece, the Henry Adams curve, and a list of action items to make the abundance agenda happen
Work your way to the end. I explain why TikTok users value the site by $5,600 per year and why the politics of attention explains Cambridge Analytica…
Too many actors have veto rights over what gets built, slowing development and progress. We need to get serious about solving it.
Meta's bad quarter underscores the disproportionality in digital markets, small changes on privacy can have outsized impacts on competition
As part of a larger analysis of this program, I just released new county-level data alongside two maps that break down what's happening.
The Senate hauled in Facebook to explains its research on teens. At some point, we will need to admit that our problems are partly caused by…
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