Too many actors have veto rights over what gets built, slowing development and progress. We need to get serious about solving it.
Meta's bad quarter underscores the disproportionality in digital markets, small changes on privacy can have outsized impacts on competition
As part of a larger analysis of this program, I just released new county-level data alongside two maps that break down what's happening.
The Senate hauled in Facebook to explains its research on teens. At some point, we will need to admit that our problems are partly caused by…
exformation 8 | Space capitalism + a dive into the infrastructure bill + more
exformation #7 | An infrastructure deal is struck, President Biden pulls back comments that social media sites are killing people, Sen Klobuchar files a…
The FTC is changing, big tech isn't a monolith, iOS 14.5 shifts the ad ecosystem + much more
exformation #5 | Trump sues Twitter and Facebook, President Biden drops a new EO on competition, Dourado tackles geothermal, and much more.
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